Build your goal physique with workouts built just for you.

BodySculpt AI studies your muscle balance preferences, gym setup, time availability, and past workouts to craft weekly workout programs tailored just for you.

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No more guessing.

Take advantage of the equipment you have.

BodySculpt AI also tailors your workout program with the equipment you have available, time availability, experience level, and more. BodySculpt AI works even if all you have is your bodyweight!

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BodySculpt AI - Sculpt your goal physique, then get personalized training | Product Hunt

Maximize your progress.

Your personalized program is built to help you progress as quickly as possible. It considers muscle group recovery, ensures you don't neglect any muscle groups, and pushes you closer to your limits.

BodySculpt AI - Sculpt your goal physique, then get personalized training | Product Hunt

expert planning

Achieve your goal with a diet plan that fits you.

The app learns from your check-ins, and guides you to your goal bodyweight and bodyfat % through ensuring that you lose/gain weight at the desired rate, with a macronutrient balance that fits you.


expert planning

BodySculpt AI builds you a custom-fit training plan to achieve your goal physique.

To build your custom-fit training plan, BodySculpt AI's algorithms understand your training experience, accommodate your time availability, and adapt to whether you're at the gym or at home.

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Built by Experts.

Algorithms and models are built in collaboration with world-class physique coaches and cutting-edge exercise science research.

Avoid Imbalances.

Use the muscle balance customizer to ensure that you are training every part of every muscle group to the balance you desire.

Dynamic and Evolving.

Your program evolves with your progress and introduces new exercises to continue challenging your body.

Laying out your options

Your training program evolves weekly

Based on what you tell us about yourself, your training program evolves week by week based on the latest physique training research.

Demo of customization

Follow a specific plan made just for you

Everyone is different, and we know it. That's why all of our clients get a program not only specific to their sculpting preferences, but also for their lifestyle and training experience.

Maximize your progress

Our proprietary algorithms are supported by the latest exercise science research so that the plan that you get helps your achieve your target as effectively as possible.

Avoid muscle imbalances

Just going to the gym won't automatically build your dream physique. In fact, it's too easy to create dangerous muscle imbalances. We help maximize your progress while keeping lurking muscle imbalances in check.